Help! Twist in knitting... is there a fix?

Hi! I’m knitting a cardigan sweater sideways with a steek to be cut at the bottom. One arm is done, then casted on 120 front sts, 3 steek sts, 120 more back sts. I am an inch into the body and realized there seems to be one twist somewhere. If I hold front to back, the twist ends up at the steek where it will be cut anyway, to me it appears that it won’t be a problem once I cut the steek but I’m not positive… does anyone understand what I’m saying? This is a huge project for me but I don’t want to do anymore until I know if I have to take out an inch of 243 fair isle stitches… Thanks!!! :knitting: Denise

Do you have a pattern link or at least a name? And a photo? Generally if you have a twist in the cast on or whatever you really have no choice but to rip back. If we can see what you mean with the pattern and a picture it might help.

The pattern is Philosophers Wool “Carpetbagger Jacket” - here are pictures

One more…

As you look at the full picture I’m working on the left under arm area…

Your photos are very good but I’m not sure I understand the twist. Did you work the sleeve back and forth or in the round? It looks like in the round. Then you cast on 120 sts each side for the front and back and joined to knit the body in the round? You also have the sts from the sleeve on the needle (so 243 plus the sleeve sts)?
If so, I agree with Jan, you’ll need to take out the inch of fair isle and go back to the join. When you join the body, make sure all the sts line up without a twist. You could even knit a couple of rows flat to make it easier to see the join to knit in the round. The rows knit flat will be at the steek anyway.
It’s a gorgeous cardigan and you’ve made a wonderful start on it.