Help twice 1 st every 10 rows, 4 times 1 st every 12 rows.

Hello I’m new to this forum amd really hope someone can help!
I’ve got to the sleeve on this jumper and I’m struggling to understand the instructions:
Inc twice 1 st every 10 rows, 4 times 1 st every 12

I get it wants me to increase 1st on either side every 10 rows but it doesn’t make sense and I dont get the second bit!?

I’m knitting the medium sweater and looking at how many stitches I’d have left after the increase by my math if end up with a lot more than I should of inc 2 stitches one at either end.
Help?? I’m so confused x
Thank you

Suzie Lou

Welcome to the forum!
You have the first part. Increase 1 stitch on either side every 10 rows. Repeat this one more time (2x total) then increase 1 stitch on either side every 12 rows. Repeat this 3 times more (4 times total).
If you call the first increase row, row 1, then you would increase on rows 1, 11, and rows 23, 35, 47 and 59. You’ll go from 30 to 42sts.

Please edit your post to remove the pattern photos. We run into copyright problems when large parts of patterns are reprinted here. Your explanation is enough. The name and source of the pattern would be great, too.

Oh wow thank you! what a wonderful site for help xxx
Apologies for posting the pattern I didn’t realise I’ve removed it now.

Thank you so much again that was a real brain frazzle!!

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