Help! Tried to change a purl to a knit

I’m ribbing an afghan and I noticed that I accidentally purled where I should have knit a longs way down the bottom and when I went to fix the stitch I started fixing the dropped stitches but now I have waay too much extra yarn and I don’t understand what happened! I can’t fix it because there it too much extra yarn and I don’t know if it’s fixable.

Are you sure it’s only one stitch? But yes, that can happen because the yarn stretches. It may be okay when blocked or washed. I usually just end up re doing it, but that’s a pain.

Sometimes when you’re fixing a whole column of stitches you miss a row or get them out of order. Otherwise, if you go ahead and fix the mistake all the way to the top, you can sort of shake and rub that area once it’s bound off and most of the yarn will settle enough that only you will ever be able to notice.

If it’s washable yarn, especially if it’s acrylic, washing it and putting it through the dryer will readjust a lot of “off” spots.