Help transferring stitches to a stitch holder


I’m currently knitting a pair of baby booties, and it’s my first time following a knitting pattern!

I was going great at first, but now I’m stuck. I’m sure it’s a very simple thing though I have tried to Google and YouTube and cannot find an answer. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated!

The scenario is below:

The pattern says: next row: knit (I’ve done this all ok)
Next row: k8 sts and place on stitch holder, bind (cast off) 19 sts, then k rem 7 sts

So, I’ve knitted the 8 sts and now I’ve got 8 sts on my right (working) needle. Now I think I’m supposed to transfer these 8 sts onto a stitch holder, however I don’t understand how this works when the last stitch is the working stitch with the yarn attached?

The next line of instructions is: knit 3 rows on these 8 sts. Bind (cast off).

Ie. How do I keep knitting when the yarn is attached to the stitch that is on the holder? All the videos I’ve watched show people transferring stitches from the left needle not the right.

I don’t know if I’ve gone wrong somewhere or not! I hope this makes sense. I’ve attached a photo showing the 8 stitches on the right needle and the working yarn.

Thank you so much!!!

Welcome! It would help if you could tell us the pattern name and provide a link if possible.

Next row: k8 sts and place on stitch holder, bind (cast off) 19 sts, then k rem 7 sts

Here’s the way I see it based on what you’ve typed… There are only stitches that you put on waste yarn/stitch holder. The last stitch that has the working yarn attached will be taken up in the bind off of the 19 stitches leaving you 7 stitches on either end with the bound off 19. So it’s even. But if the pattern says to knit on 8… maybe if we could see the pattern.

I prefer waste yarn to a stitch holder because it’s easier to work around. So using yarn needle and a 10ish different color piece of yarn or string thread it through the 8 stitches leaving tails at either end. I always loosely knot the yarn ends together, but that’s up to you.

Hi Jan,

Thanks so much for your reply!
To be honest I’m still really confused, but perhaps I should just try to transfer the 8 stitches to a spare piece of contrast yarn like you suggested and see if I can figure it out from there.

I have attached a photo of the pattern as It’s from a book so can’t provide a link I’m sorry. Hopefully this is helpful?

Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it!


Here is also a photo of how the finished product is supposed to look

If it’s easier you can knit 8sts, bind off the next 19sts and then continue knitting the remaining 7sts. You don’t need to place the first 8sts on a holder. Just leave them on the needle and ignore them until later in the pattern.

Good call! :thumbsup:

Thank you all so much—turns out the thing I didn’t understand was that I had to cut the thread once it was transferred. Once I figured that out it was good!

Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

You don’t have to cut the yarn strand! It’ll just give you an extra end to weave in. Knit the 8sts and go directly to the bind off using the same strand.
Well, if you’re working along now and finishing the booties, that’s all to the good.