Help to pick up and knit collar and Cardigan band

Hi ,I have almost finished knitting my first Cardigan .The pattern says for collar and boarder to pick up and knit 72 stitches along front panel then 12 stitches for neck.pick up another 72 along the secondfront panel .
Is this on the wrong side or right side of my project and how do I pick them up ?
Iam a still new to knitting .
Thanks Krissy

Wow, congrats on being so close to finishing on your first cardigan!
Here’s a video for pick up and knit. Most of the time, you pick up from the right side so that the seam is to the wrong side but it really depends on the sweater and your preference.

Thanks salmonmac I’ll see if I can upload a picture of the finished Cardigan when I get the rib boarder done tried twice to put a picture of the Cardigan without the boarder to show you but it would not load

Thanks for trying. It may be that the photo is too large. There are free sites like Picresize that will resize photos.

this is the cardigan so far adding the collar and boarder tomorrow

Beautifully knit. I love that richly saturated blue.

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Thanks for your kind words and help.
The pattern was from a website mama in a stitch, easy knit Cardigan for beginners
Every one on this site is kind and helpful .