Help this newbie lace knitter!

I am having problems with the following Lace pattern;

Row 1 (RS) k3 *yo, slip 1, yo, k3; repeat from * across

Row 2: P3, *yo, slip(first yo and next st, drop remaining yo), yo, p3 repeat from * across.

Row 3: k3 * knit slipped st, inserting needle under both yo strands and into st, dropping the extra yo, k3; repeat from * across.

I get the first 2 rows, it is row 3 where it states insert into both yo strands and into st, is it both strands of the first yo? Its confusing as it then says to drop the extra yo. Isnt there 1 yo; st and yo from row 2?

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Well, I tried it and it works to bring you back to the cast on number of sts. I’m not sure if the look of the lace is correct. Can you tell us the name of the pattern or give us a link to it?
There are actually 3 yo’s after row 2.

Row 2: P3, *[B]yo[/B], slip(first [B]yo[/B] and next st, drop remaining yo), [B]yo[/B], p3 repeat from * across.

I knit the 2 yo’s together with the slipped stitch and then dropped the next yo. It’s a little tricky in that the yo’s don’t want to stay in place but prefer to move over the slipped stitch.


It is from all free knitting. It is a pattern from Caron called Angel lace tank. Row 3 was giving me problems.


I think that what I was doing was wrong. You don’t knit into the yarn overs but slip the needle under them to knit the slipped stitch. See the note at the beginning of the pattern about rows 3 and 6. I’ll try it again when I get home.


Wow that’s confusing! So I am not picking up the strands, but just the slipped stitch and letting the yarn overs drop? I wish I could draw it for you!


I found this comment on Ravelry.
[B]There are some MAJOR pattern problems with the way this pattern is written. There is an extra YO in rows 2 and 5. Also, row 3 works out better if one Slips 2 stitches, knits one, and then passes the two slipped stitches over. The stitch looks better and stands out more.[/B]

Direct link to PDF


I’m looking at it now.

Thanks for the link, GG. The errata have been accounted for in the current online pattern.

The note on the Ravelry page makes much more sense than the notes on the pattern page.
“What’s being done is a K3tog; the pattern was written that way to emphasis that the yarn overs should be knit together with the slipped stitch.”

The idea is to knit the slipped stitch together with the two strands of the two yarn over (intuitively this is what I did, post #2, but the pattern note seemed to contradict that). If you do that the extra loops over the needle become part of the k3tog and the stitch count goes back to the cast on number. You’ll get the eyelets shown in the tank with the columns of stockinette (knit 3 on the front, purl 3 on the back) in between. The slipped stitch forms a column between the eyelets.

Ahhh okay and then i will drop the last loop of the yarn over after I knit the slipped stitch plus the 2 strands of the yarn overs?


That’s it exactly. Looks like a very pretty top.

Thank you so much for all you help! I was so discouraged I wanted to just give up on lace knitting altogether. Couldn’t have done it without this site and all the wonderful wisdom provided!