HELP - Teaching a child to knit?

Tomorrow I am spending the night with my almost 6 year old granddaughter - she has been asking me to teach her to knit and I think she might be old enough to learn.

It seems like I read somewhere about a little rhyme to teach the knit and purl stitches - does anyone here know what I am referring to ?

Also, what needle size and yarn size would be best for little fingers to learn with?

I really appreciate whatever help y’all can provide - I really want her learning experience to be happy and fun, so she can grow up to be a yarn junkie just like her Granny! :teehee: :teehee:

Both my kids, now 8 and 12, learned to knit at their Waldorf school.

They used worsted weight yarn with wooden needles about a size 9 or 10. (They made their own needles with wooden dowels)

They didn’t learn to purl right away, just knit garter stitch for the first year at least.

Here’s the knit rhyme:

In through the front door
Around the back
Out through the window
And off jumps jack.

I don’t remember what the purl rhyme was but you might want to let her garter stitch til she is comfy with the process before you introduce the purl stitch.

Have fun!


The Stitch n Bitch book–the first one–has a little rhyme for continential knitting…I’m sure it has one for English too.

I’ve heard it’s helpful to use two different colors of needles–you can buy kids needles made by Lion Brand and one other (Boye, maybe?) at craft stores…I think they are typically a size 8–I’d say that you should try it w/ a worsted weight yarn–not too thick and not too thin…

my mom is teaching my 5 year old (well she’s almost 5). I second the recommendation for the lion brand size 10;s that have two different color needles (and a cute kitty hat on the end). They are just the right size for her hands and she can manage the stitches without the yarn falling off.

Mom gave us an old bit of cotton yarn (leftover from a project) and I can see it gives her a good surface to hold on to. (traction!) She is just making a square of about 20 CO stitches. It will be big enough for a large coaster for Daddy. (even with all the mistakes, twists, etc.)

She really likes to knit- but I find she wants me to start and end a row. She will do the middle.

Good luck!! It is a great bonding experience. A great skill to share with the younger generation and they will always remember when you taught her to knit. :heart: Marykz