Help stuck on 2nd row of pattern

I want to make the Lace Raglan Tee from Kertzer using an equivalent yarn to On Your Toes Bamboo.

The instructions cast on 119 st for small, then k w row. No problem!

Foundation row is
K1, 1 stitch
[p1,k1,m1,k2,p1]1,(0,1,0)time, 6 stitches
p1,k1tbl,k3, 5 stitches
*k1rbl,p2,k1,m1,k2,p1,k3,p1,k1,m1,k2,p2,k1tbl,k3: rep 4(5,5,6)times more 22 stitches time 4 = 88 stitches
k2tbl,p1, 2 stitches
[p1,k1,m1,k2,p1] 1(0,1,0) times 6 stitches
k1 1 stitch

This adds to 109 stitches, not the 119 that I cast on. Where am I misreading the pattern?

I went onto the Kertzer web site, and there was no corrections given for this pattern, or any in this pattern book.

Help! I would consider myself an intermediate knitter, and wanted to stretch myself with this pattern, but to get stuck on the 1st pattern row is humiliating. I hoped in typing this out, I would recognize the problem, but nothing jumped out at me.

This section - [I]k2tbl,p1, 2 stitches[/I] - is 3 sts; that’s not k2tog, it’s k2 tbl. And “repeat 4 times [B]more[/B]” means you’ll do it 5 times altogether, so that’s 110 sts. You’re adding 12 sts total so you should come out to 131 altogether and that’s what I get.

Oops, ins spite of proof reading twice, I should have typed “k1tbl” not K2tbl.

Thanks for the “more times” explanation. I should have figured that that out - HOWEVER,

Knitting the * * section 5 times in total gives me 110 stitches there, plus the 12 before the 5 repeats, and 9 stitches after, which is 131.

There are 2 m1’s in the repeat, so that is an additional 10 stitches, plus 1 in each of the lead in to the repeat and the after, so that gives a total of 14 additional stitches, which should bring me to a total of (119+14) 143.

However, the pattern says I should have 131 in total.

I still need more help.

I still get 131. The m1’s are counted in the stitch count of 22 (in your first post counting of the ‘groups’) so you don’t need to count them again. 1+6+5+22+22+22+22+22+2+6+1 = 131

Or the 2nd way youre counting - the original 119 plus the increases. there are 10 m1s in the 5 repeat section, plus 1 before and 1 after = 12 m1 increases. 119 + 12 = 131

Yes, don’t count the inc stitches twice. They’re in the repeated part which is 22 sts, then at the beginning and end. You’re only increasing 12 sts total, not 14 and that added to your original 119 that’s 131.

An AH Ha moment.

I assumed that the m1 was using the method of knitting in the front and back of a stitch, but I see that I have to m1 by picking up the loop between stitches.

Guess I should never try requiring intelligence at night. I am much smarter during the day!

Thanks for the help. Without it, I doubt I’d have had the breakthrough. Now to get knitting, I’d like to have this done for my daughter’s birthday, or at least the end of the month, as we are visiting her on the other side of the continent and leave then. I sure hope that I don’t have a problem flying with my knitting.

Hi, I would love to get a copy of this pattern but it is no longer available. If you still have it, would you consider sharing?
thanks. Bonnie