HELP! Stretchy Bind off?

I’m fairly new to knitting… so any help anyone could give me would be much appreciated!!! Can someone lead the way to video for a stretchy bind off? I’m not great with learning off of pictures. I want a bind off that matches a long tail cast on… The simple bind off method is just not stretchy enough for me!! thanks!!! :wink:

All of Amy’s cast-off videos are here … she offers some explanations of what each is good for in the vids.

Casting-off is always trickier than casting-on. And tighter. Most suggest using a larger-size needle on that final casting-off row. That’s what I do.

[The first sweater I ever made, I had to re-do the neck binding-off 3 times before I could get it over my 15-year-old head!]

The videos here on KH have lots of choices.

If you need graphic pictures here’s some more. The sewn bind off is supposed to be stretchy.