help! singer 360 knitting machine will only go in one direction

Dear All;
I just bought a singer 360 knitting macihne that was totally jammed that i disassembled and cleaned and oiled and now it will only knit left to right but drops 95% of stitches the other way. I was only able to remove the lower drum on the carriage and then the screws stripped so i was not able to fully clean it. The drums on the left side are moving freely and on the rightly slight less but i don’t have to use very much strength to move it either direction. I did not 100% disassemble it i cleaned the middle/lower drums only. I didn’t look at the cams at all. Any suggestions of what might be going on? Trying not to destroy the screws I stripped to get at this one drum but if I have to i’ll consider it. The seller had no idea about the machine she was selling it for family. There is also a gear that is less freely moving on the sinker plate but again it has a stripped screw. I cleaned a WHOLE bunch of wound up yarn from it and it is 80% better without being able to unscrew it.


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Maybe @Phyl1knit2, @Beth_Leatherman or @FluffyYarn can help.

I would love to help but I only know about European machines, not Japanese. But there is a couple who post YouTube videos about machine cleaning and repair. (And knitting) They might cover your problem in their videos. Or maybe you could message them.



Check her knitting videos too. I’ve seen her do repairs on that channel too. theanswerladyknits

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This is not your machine, but here is one that would only work in 1 direction.