Help! Seeking Vintage Baby Dress Pattern!

My sister is about to have her first baby, and my mom is trying to track down this knitting pattern from the 80s so she can make one for the new grandbaby. She’s asked for my help, but as all I’ve got to go on is a vague memory that it might be Pingouin book number 54 or 78, and a photo of my sister wearing the dress as a toddler, I’m hoping I can recruit the endless powers of the internet to track it down. Does this little dress look familiar to anyone, or does anyone own either of those books and know if the pattern might be in one of them?

My mom and I (and my sister and niece-to-be, although they don’t know it yet) would really appreciate your help!
Thanks a million!

What an adorable photo!
I looked but couldn’t find the dress. This was the closest I could find.
Although the book is out of print, it is available from various sources online.