Help seaming seed stitch

I am having trouble seaming a baby sweater made in seed stitch. It is blocked and ready to be finished, and I am completely lost. Any suggestions with the shoulders, sides, and/or sleeves would be greatly appreciated.


Hmmm, the only idea I have won’t be too helpful at this point, but in the future you can leave the edge stitches all in stockinette so that it will be easier to seam. Since you’re already done, you might just have to experiment a bit to see what the least obvious seam is. You can kind of modify mattress stitch to work–if you are consistent with the little loops you choose to seam through on each side, it might work out. (kinda vague, I know. sorry!)

I’d just take my chances with mattess stitch, too. It brings the sides together, so you can try to line up knits and purls, but it really doesn’t matter much. Clothing does have seams, after all.