Help required please

Hi I’m a newbie on this site and am hoping for some help. I’m a self taught knitter and usually do okay. However I’m stuck on a pattern. I’ve got to shaping the back and I have a couple of queries. The pattern is a complicated cable. It says cast off 6 sts at beg of next two rows. 1st row k1, SL1, k1, paso, then follow pattern etc. I understand all that but I don’t know if I work two rows then do a 1st row or cast off then follow the first row. Also after doing 2nd row following instructions it says to repeat rows 1 and 2 until 27 sts remain. That’s all good but when I come to row 3 (following row 1 instructions) as 1st st of row 1 was a knit do I continue doing a knit for that st or do I follow the pattern as it may be a purl or cable?
Any advice would be very welcome. Thank you

Welcome to the forum!
What is the name of your pattern?
Keep following the cable rows. Cast off 6sts work across in pattern. Begin the next row with a cast off of 6sts and continue across in pattern. Then on the next row, work the decrease row (called 1st row).
Does the pattern give a row 2 after that? If so, then you would repeat rows 1 (dec row) and 2, not the cast off row.
The pattern may want a k1 at the beginning and end of the row as an edge stitch for seaming. If there’s not a seam, work the first stitch in pattern.

My pattern is Hayfield Aran with wool number 4602

Oh I get it now. Thank you so much. I’ll work 2 rows decreasing at the beginning of each. Then take the next row as the 1st row and follow on from there.

This has been a great help.

Thank you again

Darling sweater. Just be sure to maintain the pattern stitch as you work these rows so that the pattern aligns with the rows below.