Help reading this afghan pattern?

Hi, I haven’t been knitting anything for a couple of years but I want to try this free pattern I found:
but I am not very good with knitting patterns in english, I was wondering if someone could explain to me what “right end-, left end- and center strip” means and how they are then sewn together?
On the center strip you cast on more stitches than the right and left end strips and I am confused exactly what parts of the afghan these are.

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s worked as 3 separate pieces that are then sewn together so when you place it on the bed, the two seams are on the sides of the mattress.

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Mattress stitch is a very nice way to seam.because it’s essentially invisible on the front. It does leave a small seam on the back.
There are also seams like the bickford seam that leave an even smaller ridge at the back.

ETA: These separate panels may have been done to make the blanket easier to knit on straight needles and make each section lighter and more portable. You might knit the whole thing on a long circular working back and forth.