Help reading chart for Kathryn McConaghie dog sweater

Need help reading the chart in this pattern seems a bit confusing to me to understand the rows in the center back

We need more info to help you. Can you please post the pattern name and a link? Don’t post the whole pattern here. You can also post a few lines of the part you’re having problems with.

So can you tell us where you’re having problems? Center of the back could be anything.

Where it says center back all of row 1 working charts for each chart

Okay let me look at it. I’ve never seen a pattern that uses multiple charts for one row.

Can you remove the pattern please. Even free patterns are not supposed to be posted. Here’s the link.

Yes, if you would please edit your post to remove the pattern, we can find it from Jan’s link. (we run into copyright problems otherwise.)
You’re going to work row one (reading each chart from right to left) of chart 1, then row 1 of chart 2, then repeat row 1 of chart 1 seven times, then row 1 of chart 3 and finally row 1 of chart 4.
For row 2, (reading each chart from left to right, work row 2 of charts 4, 3, 1 seven times, charts 2 and the 1.
Because the charts have different numbers of rows, you’ll have to keep track of the row that you’re on, maybe just a list on paper.

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Ok I will try it that way thank you

Do use the markers to start out. In fact you might put the markers in even before you knit row 1 just so you keep on track. Once you’ve done a couple of rows you’ll be able to see the pattern.

I complement you for making such a detailed sweater for a dog. I have made 4 sweaters for dogs different sizes but i prefer a simple pattern.

Ok I will try using the markers in the beginning and see if that helps at all thanks