Help reading a knitting pattern chart

The pattern says a “no stitch”. What does that mean? I’ve looked everywhere. I’m just learning how to read charts. Any and all help is very much appreciated. :pray:t3:

The “no stitch” squares occur because of increases or decreases in the knitting. They’re there to keep the chart a grid.
You skip over them and go on to the next regular square and perform that stitch.
What pattern are you following?

So do I slip those sts? I’m confused. I’m doing the knitterati knit -along on raverly through cascade yarn. They are blocks. 10x10. How would I take a pic of it to show you? Thank you for answering.

So I did the first 13 sts. The next 5 are “no stitch”. So are you saying the 14th st would be M1 knitwise? Or am I still confused? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Are you able to see the picture?


No don’t slip any sts. The greyed out blocks don’t represent sts. They’re just place holders. On later rows you’ll be increasing sts and the grey blocks will disappear as the increase sts take their place.

So for example, on row 1, purl 13sts, M1, CD1, M1, purl 13sts. That’ll use up what I assume are the 27 starting sts according to the note below the chart.

Your photo uploaded well. Maybe this afghan in squares?

I casted on 51 sts but the chart doesn’t show that many sts. That’s confusing me also. Yes it’s going to be an Afghan.

Row 1 says : work rev stock over the first 12 sts pm, work row 1 of double heart chart over 27 sts pm, work rev stock to end of row

Thank you so much for your time and help

The first 12 sts and the last 12sts are the reverse stockinette border. The chart shows the pattern for the middle 27sts.
There’s also a Ravelry group for this afghan. It might be fun to see what others have to say as the different squares are released.
Here’s the project page for the double heart:

It means there is no stitch for the space in the chart. It is there to keep the balance of the design. Just skip that part of the chart when knitting,

I finally finished that block I appreciate everybody’s help on helping me read the chart it took a lot but I think I’m getting the hang of it I really appreciate it. :smiley::+1: