Help! Raglan jumper neck too small

Hi everyone,
Nice to be here!

I am a moderately experienced knitter, and have just knitted my nephew (3 yrs) a jumper for Christmas. But - it won’t fit over his head! :frowning:

This is the jumper:

The pattern is Marriner 1842. The rib bit goes over his head, it’s the base of the neck that is too small. The last jumper I knitted him had shoulder buttons, I wish I’d just copied that pattern again, it was much simpler. This pattern was pretty hard to follow in parts and I’m not sure I’ve done it right, but there were the right number of stitches for the neck and I used the right size needles etc.

Any ideas how I can make it bigger? Am I going to have to unpick the whole thing? I’ve not done a raglan jumper before. I guess I will need to unpick all of the crew neck to get to the base of the neck where I joined all the pieces together and add in some stitches to make it wider…?! Worried it’s going to take ages!!

Any advise gratefully received!


Welcome to KH!
Great looking little sweater.
It looks like you’ll have to rework the neck. Try picking up more sts with a size larger needle. You may be able to work an inch or two on the larger needle before switching to the needle you used this time or you may prefer to continue with the larger needle.