Help putting sweater together

I have been knitting a sweater for my 4 yo ds and am ready to put the pieces together. What I have is a body of the sweater and two separate sleeves. They have to be joined in the round and then I’ll knit the yoke and neck hole (is that the technical term??). LOL

Anyway, I have put the left sleeve on my circulars, then the front of the sweater, the right sleeve, and the back. The sleeve openings are stretched like crazy. The LYS employee told me that’s how it is supposed to be. I’m nervous about joining the pieces and beginning to knit the yoke. Does anyone have any suggestions for me to make this part of my project a success?

BTW, the pattern is from a Dale Yarns book, and was a blast to knit. The style is called Emil, I’m not sure of the date of the book.


I did this recently with a sweater that I made for my 5 y/o.

I followed the instructions for a basic sweater from ‘The Sweater Workshop’ by Jacqueline Fee.

This had me leaving a portion of the underarm stitches on waste yarn with the same amount of body stitches on waste yarn also to be grafted together once the sweater was completed.

I don’t recall the sleeves stretching all that much by doing it this way though they were a little tight to knit for the first few joining rounds.

Hope yours turns out just as good as mine did! :smiley:

It does get incredibly stretched out in the beginning when you do it this way, but after a few rows, you’ll be sailing along.

I am having the same problem. I have to attache two sleeves, a back, and two fronts together. Each piece has a long tail that I was suppose to leave. What am I supposed to do with this long tail?
:?? I tried joining them together and the yarn seems to stretched out, so I took it out. When i took it out, I ended up unraving some of the other stitches of the sweater pieces. I am at the point of frustration now that I want to throw the entire thing in the garbage. Does anyone ahve any suggestions that will make it easier for me to join the pieces together. :?

The long tail from each piece will be woven in at the end. They’re just left over and you don’t do anything with them to attach the sweater pieces.

Are you using the right sized circular needle to try to attach the pieces?

Instead of transferring all the pieces one at a time to a circular, knit them on to it. It shouldn’t be stretched out too much if the needle length is the same as the one you knit the body on.


I had put all the stitches on the circular needle. the circular needle is the same size I have stitched the sweater pieces. I am just worried about there being to big a gap between the pieces when i stitch them together. Could I weave the tails in now to keep the stitches closer together? Just thought I would ask. :??

I would go for a few rows to see how it evens out. You can always use the tails to sew things up, but you might be pleasantly surprised that if all can come together on its own.