Help! Purl.op????

Hi all, can someone help me with these pattern instructions please? What does Purl.op; mean? Screen shots attached :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!!

Jodie image

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There may be a list of abbreviations at the beginning or end of your pattern. It seems to me however that this is a printing error. Purl row 18 and work in stockinette for the remainder of the section.
What is the name and source of the pattern?

Because of designer copyrights, please delete the photo of a large portion of the pattern. We try to only post a few rows of patterns on the forum. You can use the pencil icon in the bottom right of your post to edit.



OHMYGOSH!!! That’s the exact same pattern I’m wanting help on as well!!! It’s for a triceratops pattern from Pinterest. It was a free one and no name on it either. I was stuck with what does it mean with

K5, kfb x6
Work 9 rows

What does the work 9 rows mean exactly?? The back stitch for the toy is stocking stitch am I to knit 9 rows in st st then whenever it says that work ‘number’ rows you just knit the number of rows it says in stocking stitch?

I’ve never made toys just scarves hats basic easy things and when I’m reading a pattern like this I have noooo idea what it means. Some help would be super amazing!!! Thank you in advance!

Welcome to KH!
Toys seem to me to be one of the most difficult items to knit, intricate with many working parts. Hats off to you for making one.
“Work 9 rows” means to knit in whatever pattern stitch you have been doing. In your case that’s stockinette. Since the previous row was knit you would begin the 9 rows with a purl row to maintain the pattern.
I find the photo of the item a help here too if you can figure out where you are in the triceratops. Many times you can see what pattern stitch is used for the given number of rows.
Enjoy making this one and please post a photo when you finish.