Help plz

Knitting a lace jacket I am a bit confused about a bit in pattern.
It says these 2 rows set the position of part panels with st st between and at each side.
Working correct patt panel row,patt a further 4 rows. I just don’t understand can someone help

Welcome! they have you work the first 2 rows of the panels. Maybe it’s knit xsts, panel A, knit xsts, panel B, knit to end of row or something like that. The same for row 2.
For the next 4 rows you’ll be working xsts, lace panel row 3, xsts, lace panel row 3 and knit to end. The following 3 rows will be similar. Each time you work another row, work the next row of the lace panels.
What pattern are you following? Can you give us a pattern name or link?