Help plz- Instr say "ending with a wrong side row"

I am so confused.
When u complete the row and the needle with the work is in your left hand…what side is facing you for it to be finishing on a wrong side row?
can someone explain this to me in an easy to remember manner?

when they say next row- wrong side…how can i tell what they mean?
I know there must be an easy way to know this…but I don’t. ha.

Thanks anyone for any help, that would save me another trip to the knitting store to ask yet another question.

When you finish knitting a row, the needle with the work is in your right hand. Then you pass it back to your left hand to start a new row. Each time a different side will be facing you - once the Right side and then the Wrong side. [U]Usually[/U] but not always, when knitting in stockinette - the right side is the knits and the wrong one is the purls. When instructions say “ending with a wrong side row” it means you need to do the wrong side row and then follow further instructions.
I hope it helps and i made it somehow understandable :slight_smile:

The cast on row is not the right side or the wrong side yet.
That is determined by the pattern.

Some patterns say that the next row is the right side. Others specify that the next row is the wrong side. Some patterns don’t tell you which side is which, and you’ll be able to see which side is the right side after you get started.

The right side is the side that will be facing the public. For example, the outside of a sweater is the right side. The inside of a sweater is the wrong side.

Some patterns don’t have a right side, because they are the reversible.

Just trust the pattern, and wait to see what it says.

Good luck with your knitting! :thumbsup:

If right and wrong side matters, your pattern will indicate which rows are the wrong side rows. When “ending on a wrong side row,” you do exactly that…you work a WS row and end there. Then you read the next instruction and follow that (the next instruction will be on the RS).

Usually the pattern will say - Row 1 (RS) - or something to indicate which is which. In stockinette st, it may not, the RS is the knit row and WS is the purl row. So if it says ‘repeat these rows for 3", ending with a WS row’ you will finish the WS row, then the next row, both in your knitting and the pattern, will be done on the RS.

The one that I have to think about is"with yarn in front or back" I wish they would say “with yarn toward you or away from from you”. am I the only one confused by these instructions?

I am doing a baby sweater. The pattern has been a cable 4 row pattern for awhile now. Cable, purls, knits and purls to complete the cable. (the knit row and purl rows are earlier) So there is a definite right and wrong side.
The last row I completed, bringing the work to the required length was a primarily purl row…that row finishes with a KPK tor a trim onto which the front zipper will eventually attach, being the left breast side of the front of the sweater.

The next inst says…Patt 34 and slip 3sts onto a safety pin for the collar…
My problem?
I feel the last 3 sts they are referring to are the knk…which would b the 1st 3 sts of this row.
the next row says to: (wrong side) bind off the 4 sts of cable working p2tog tbl on center 2 sts, patt to end.
Patt 1 row.

Is it possible I am not finished on the wrong side?
Thanks for your help.

This would be done on a RS row, and it would be the last 3 sts of the row. The next row is done on the WS.

I don’t know whether or not you will find this useful, but I thought I’d mention that even though I’ve been knitting for a few years now, I still mark the right side of my knitting with one of those coiless plastic safety pins.

When I first started knitting someone told me to do this and it has helped me. When I first start a pattern and it tells me which side is the right side, I put one of those pins in a stitch in that row.

Then, if I have to lay my knitting down for some reason, I don’t have to spend time looking at the knitting to see which row I’m on (right side or wrong side, but of course you still need to keep up with the row count).


Thank you for explaining this. This is precisely where I’m at in a pattern. “…ending with a wrong side row”. I did not know if that meant the ws was facing me or the rs was facing me.

Now I know. Thank you again!

I did not know if that meant the ws was facing me or the rs was facing me.

And when patterns say this ‘end with ws/rs facing’ I don’t know what they mean. If they say ‘end with ws row’ I know that it means to finish the ws row and go on to the rs.

I can see the pattern. It has a clear right and wrong side. But I cannot tell which I am knitting.

Let me rephrase the question.
Is the right side facing you or away from u when u are knitting it?:help: :help: :help:

The side you are working on is the side that is facing you.
I hope that answers your question.

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To us newbies, this keeps getting clearer and clearer.

Thank you ladies.

Both sides can be facing you when you work a row. In stockinette for instance, the knit side is the RS so when you knit sts across, you’re working on the RS and it’s facing you. When you purl sts across you’re woking on the WS and that side is facing you. When you have worked across the ws row and are done with it, you have ‘ended with a wrong side row’. Then you turn to work the RS and that will be facing you. That’s why the instructions ‘ending with/facing…’ can be confusing, it depends on whether you’ve turned the work at the end of the row or not.

Thank you so much, madam/sir moderator.
I paid 50.00 for knitting help today b/c the simply baby book a knitting store sold me, with supposedly easy baby sweaters, was well above my head. Not so much on the k, p, stockingnett st, garter st, or even the cable st. …but the decreasing around the arms and I suspect the collar and neckline with such a cable pattern will prove my undoing.

I did learn that my front is a knit st, while the p is my wrong side.
I also learned that after reducing the cable to an odd number, is not always spelled out exactly how they prefer you to continue…and is sometimes a matter of experimentation…2 on hold and knit one…or 1 on hold and knit 2??? I suspect you would all tell me it’s a nobrainer…2 and 1…as 1/2 would not hold the pattern adequately…
I am learning thru trial by fire.

Thank u all for replying to me.
I appreciate your time.
Betsy:woot: :muah:

If you mean Debbie Bliss’ book “Simply Baby” ,then her instructions are sometimes confusing, not only to first time/beginner knitters. Her sizes also tend to run very big. Another word of advice - always check for corrections when you buy a knitting book. Debbie Bliss has them on her website and many publishers put them on their websites (like Interweave).

OMG…yes, it is that book. U must b a mindreader.
It’s the sweater on pg 74. sooo pretty.
I will check for corrections. And yes…it does look much bigger than it should be for a 6 month old…and I am doing the smallest size.
Thanks for the tips.

Ending with a wrong side row means that you complete a wrong side row before moving on to the next instruction in your pattern. So, in the next step, the right side is facing you. Also if you are using long tail cast on…the edges on first row are fairly obvious… it looks braided to me with the stitches moving up…on the other side you see no braid or upward stitch on first row…once you know the wrong side mark it with a piece of yarn.

Thank you so much, this has explained it in such simple terms, without confusing me with too much unneeded information!!!