Help please

I am a beginner and working on my very first sweater. So far my prices look pretty good and I was able to figure it out. But now I am having problems understanding the pattern for the new neckband.
The pattern says:

From RS, with double pointed needles k15 bask sts from holder, k8 sleeve sts from holder, pick up and k9 sts along left front neck edge, k7 front neck sts from holder, pick up and k9 sts along right front edge, k8 sleeve sts from holder.
Divide sts onto double pointed needle.

My questions are:
Do I just pick up the sts from holder or do I somehow knit them back?
When I divide my sts on double pointed needles do I use 4 needles?

I never followed a pattern before and been able to figure it out so far by watching videos on sts I didn’t know how to do but I am kinda stuck on this one. Hope someone can help me out.

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Good for you for figuring this out so far. You’re almost finished.

Start with the back sts and work around the neck in the direction that the pattern indicates. Yes, knit the stitches off the various holders as you come to them. When you finish knitting the sts from a holder, say the sleeve sts, your working yarn will be in the correct position to pick up sts along the front edge.

If the stitches are on a holder and the open end of the holder is facing away from you, you may need to slip the sts off the holder onto a dpn and then knit them. Otherwise, you can knit directly off the holder.

It may be easier to use 4 dpns to hold the sts and the 5th dpn as the working needle. A short 15inch needle works too if you happen have one.