Help please

Hi everyone :waving: I am trying to get my new photo acct. set up & need to see if you can get there & once you do if you see anything…FYI, there is only 1 show there thus far, will u please look here and let me know if the show plays?! MANY THANKS :thumbsup:

:waving: saw the show of your Clap. :slight_smile: GREAT job on it…the techie 13 yo…WHAT’S THAT??? How’d you DO that? You can DO? THAT??? lol…

then popped his bubble that the mamma didn’t make it…

LOL, thanks, I wanted to make sure that I had it going correctly since I am changing both photo editing & hosting :smiley: …now I have to transfer all photos there & make some more shows…who knows… :wink: ?!

Worked just fine for me in Firefox…the show played then I clicked on the gallery and that looked fine, too. :thumbsup: