Help please

My instructions are as follows: "The hair is worked in g-st, using one 5.5mm and one 3mm knitting needle. Use this pair of odd-sized needles to knit aletrnate rows.

Using the larger size needle, cast on 12 stitches.

1st row: k2tog, k to last 3 sts, turn.
2nd row: k to last st, inc in last st.
3rd row: k to last 2 sts, turn.
4th row: k to end."

Now here’s my problem, do the cast onm stitches sit on the bigger needles, so that the 1st row is on the smaller needles? Also, thanks to this site, I know how to turn my wiork, but the instructions don’t say to slip any stitches, so my working yarn is still on the left needle… huh?

Please help me…:??

It sounds like that’s what you do - CO with the bigger one, knit R1 with the small one, R2 with the big one and just keep alternating them.

Thanks sue for clarifying that for me. Now what do I do after I turn my work after row 1? my working yarn is going to be on the left needle instead of the right one… this is where I’m stuck

If your right handed, after you knit the first row and all the stitches are on the right needle, you flip it. You will always be holding your stitches in the left needle. I hope this makes sense :think:

Thanks knitter819, I knit using the english method, and I’m right handed. How do I flip my work after I turn it?

Flipping is the same as turning it and it doesn’t matter what hand you hold the yarn in. When you finish row 1 switch hands holding the needle with the stitches so it’s in the left hand. Then take the empty needle that you cast on with and knit row 2. It’s no different than knitting with 2 needles the same size.

You still have 3 stitches left at the end of row 1, on your left needle, but that’s ok, try to ignore them, and switch hands. If you had knit all of them, your working yarn would be attached to the last stitch of the needle now in your left hand. This is the same. After you turn, you have 3 stitches on your right needle, but we’re ignoring them for now. The working yarn attached to the last stitch worked on row 1, is now on the left needle, just like it should be.

OMG!! I think I’m dense… I still don’t get it. So i’ve cast on, then I’ve knitted row 1 up to the last 3 sts and then I’ve turned my work… I now have 3 sts on the needle I cast on with and 9 sts on the smaller needle… BUT my working yarn is still on the cast on needle instead of transferring onto the other needle…
i’d understand if the instructions said that in row 2 I had to slip a stitch, thus transferring the working yarn from the cast on needle to the other needle… but it doesn’t… what am I missing??

See … my working yarn is usually on theright needle… but when I turn it’s on the left needle… now if I were to slip the 1st on the left needle, it would mean that my working yarn is on the right needle, and all would be right with the world… but it doesn’t, it just says knit to end… and so I’m still stuck…

hmmm, now I’m confused! Let me see…

Are you sure that’s the working yarn, not the TAIL yarn? Which cast-on did you use?

Ok, we cast on, put that needle in the left hand. Working yarn attached to the LAST cast on stitch, in your left hand. Start knitting - k2tog - that stitch is now on your right needle, and the working yarn is now on your right needle, right? Keep knitting the next 7 stitches, each time the new stitch is on the right needle, with the working yarn attached to it, the most recently knit stitch, right? So, we should have 3 stitches left, 8 right, yarn on that last right. Turn the work. 3 right, 8 left, working yarn right there?

Ah! Ok, see, I KNIT the first stitch, I never slip it (unless instructed to) so I’m used to my yarn going to the left, at the end of every row, just like on the first, cast on row. It isn’t a problem, really, you just knit :smiley:

Hey Melinda… I use the cable cast on… but everything is as you say… then I turn my work… and the yarn is on left needle… just let me check… when I turn the work… all I did was physically turn the work so that I am looking at the other side of what I just knit… is that correct? Thanks so much for helping me with this

Arghhh what is wrong with me… I know that I’ll finally get it and then kick myself for being such a dummy…:aww:

The only thing you’re missing is that you think you have to do something with those 3 sts. You don’t, just leave them on the right needle and start working back. Knit the stitches on row 2, increase in the last st. Not knitting all the way to the end of the row is called doing short rows and is done to shape a piece. On row 4 you knit `all the way to the end’, so you’ll get those stitches knit.

Thanks Sue… I know that the 3 sts don’t need to be knit but my working yarn is on the wrong needle… how do I put it on the right needle… or do I simply leave as is and then knit backwards or something…

hiya tkane,
Nope, all you do is turn your work like you are knitting back and forth flat, and don’t even worry bout those 3 stitches. Once you turn the work your yarn will be where you need it to be. After you have done all the “short-row” shaping, you will finally be told what to do with those stitches, but for now, just leave em where they are.:knitting:

Hi again fibrenut!! But my yarn is on the left needle… I need it on the right needle…

No you don’t. Whenever you turn at the end of a full row, the yarn is on the left needle too. It’s coming off the stitch you knit next and when you knit it, the yarn will be on your right needle. Just try it; we promise it’ll work.

Suzzeq… I get it!! You’re right… everyone’s right… I’m gonna go kick myself now!!!:doh:

Thanks to everyone who helped me with this part of the pattern… I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed…! Thank goodness for this website:cheering: