Help please with Rowan Directions

Hello to everyone,

Picking up knitting again and having a difficult time remembering how to read directions. Could someone please explain these directions to me. Thanks in advance.

K2tog.(K1,yfwd,K1) into next st,sl 1,K2tog,psso,rep fromto last 3 sts,(K1,yfwd,K1)into next st,sl 1,K1,psso.

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It looks like you are a UK knitter, so yfwd is just a yfwd to you isn’t it? We in the USA would call it a yarn over. Right?

This is a multiple of 4+5 and will not lose or gain stitches over the row. Begin by knitting 2 together, then you will repeat the directions between the *s over the row to the last 3 stitches and then do the slightly different end directions over those stitches.

Within the *s you have “(K1, yfwd, K1) into next st” as the first step. Everything inside the ( ) will all be worked into one stitch. K1 but don’t slip the stitch off the needle, then bring the yarn to the front between the needle tips, then knit the same stitch again. Now slip if off. Then slip the next stitch (probably purlwise if the pattern doesn’t say otherwise somewhere) to the right hand needle without working it. Now K 2 stitches together, then slip the stitch that you slipped off over the 2 stitches you just knitted together (this is like a cast off stitch). That gets you to the end of what is within the *s.

When you have 3 remaining, do things inside the ( ), then slip one stitch, and then instead of knitting 2 together, you only K1 and pass the slipped stitch over that knit stitch.

Does that help?

Yes, an American, living in London, over 7 years now.
A yarn over is the same as what we call a yarn forward.
I do believe this did the trick.
You have made my Sunday wonderful, as I can now continue on.
Kindest regards

For slipping stitches involved in a decrease, (like slip, knit, psso) you slip them knitwise. Otherwise they’ll be twisted.

Really? So is that one of those conventions, like "slip purlwise unless otherwise noted? Thanks! I keep picking up these tidbits and wishing I had known them earlier!

Yep, “slip purlwise unless otherwise noted” [B]except[/B] when decreasing. SSK is another way to dec - slip a stitch, slip a stitch, then knit together - and though some people slip the 2nd stitch pwise, it twists it.

This is starting to sound like a spelling lesson (in English), so many exceptions to the rule that the rule almost seems useless. :slight_smile:

Thanks Suzeeq. I tried it both ways and see what you mean about the twist. But I have to admit that it doesn’t ruin anything to do it purlwise. It will still look okay if you are consistent with either way. It is probably more “proper” to slip it knitwise in this case. I’ll have to start doing it that way on my next project, if I remember. <G>


Some people like to slip pwise putting in the twist to tighten up any slack in the sts, esp the SSK. I find the stitches even out after you’re done so they’re not really that loose slipping kwise.