Help please with raglan baby sweater

I purchased an easy knit. Have spent last few months knitting all components (fronts, back and sleeves) and then got to the putting together bit and am almost tearing out hair as I don’t know what I am meant to do. Any help greatly appreciated please
The pattern reads

Join raglan seams. With rs facing, using
3¼mm needles or 3¼mm circular needle if
required starting at lower edge of right
front, pick up and knit 5 [5:5:6:6:6] sts
evenly along rib and g-st, 22 [28:37:45:
52:63] sts evenly along straight edge,
26 [29:31:34:35:37] sts evenly along shaped
edge, 11 [11:13:13:13:14] sts from 12 [11:13:
13:13:14] cast off sts at top of right sleeve,
18 [20:22:22:26:26] sts from 18 [20:22:22:
26:27] cast off sts at back of neck, 11 [11:
13:13:13:14] sts from 12 [11:13:13:13:14]
cast off sts at top of left sleeve, 26 [29:31:
34:35:37] sts evenly along shaped edge,
22 [28:37:45:52:63] sts evenly along
straight edge and 5 [5:5:6:6:6] sts evenly
along g-st and rib.
146 [166:194:218:238:266] sts.
Work 3 rows in g-st.
4th Row. K5 [7:2:5:11:2], pick up loop
between last and next stitch and work into
the back of this loop (this will now be
referred to as m1), (k9 [8:9:9:8:9], m1)
15 [19:21:23:27:29] times, k6 [7:3:6:11:3].
162 [186:216:242:266:296] sts.
Starting with 2nd row of 2x2 rib proceed as
Work 0 [0:0:1:1:1] row.
Next Row. Rib 3 [3:3:187:205:220], ca

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Hi, Join the sleeves to the back and fronts, this video will help show you how

When both sleeves are attached to the back and fronts you will then need to do the border edges by picking up and knitting the amount of stitches indicated for the size you are making from the bottom edge of the right front all the way up and across the back then all the way down the left side, this video will show you how to do this

Then you will just need to close the sleeve seams and side seams, add buttons(if this is indicated) and you’re done :grinning:

Thank you so much! I think I just became overwhelmed as it seemed so complicated.

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Raglan seams will do that lol!! I admit to having to pause and scratch my head over this more than once or twice haha :joy: