Help please! Re Juniper

NHas anyone finished ‘JUNIPER’, (in Rowan, collection 5, by Marie Williams? (First published 2015.)
It’s driving me bonkers, only gives a chart (which I had to get enlarged), full of cable which I’m newish to. The problem is how to keep track of wher I am in the pattern. Have unraveled it several times, never got past row 12!!

I haven’t, but I suggest using a lifeline first of all. To make a lifeline take a smooth different colored yarn or unwaxed dental floss long enough that it won’t slip out of your project and thread it on a needle. Then put it through the stitches on your needle at a point where everything below it is correct. You can add another one after you do X number of rows. That way if you make a mistake you can’t fix easily you can rip back to the lifeline and put your needle back in there and continue again. Make note of what row the lifeline is on on your pattern. BTW…I use crochet thread for lifelines.

To keep track of where you are ON your pattern you can use pencil marks, a post it or highlighter tape. Highlighter tape is my preferred method. It can moved and still stay sticky for quite a while.


Thank you - those are both great idea!

Have put the monster aside for the moment and knitting something really easy so I can chill for a bit before having (yet) another go. Never thought of lifeline- good one,