Help please - increased size of pattern


I’m knitting an afghan pattern that has a cast on of 104. I wanted the blanket to be larger so I doubled the cast on to 208 thinking that simply doubling the pattern would be easy, but now I’m stumped :-/

I’m very much a beginner & am unsure how to increase the patterns for the following rows. Your help is appreciated :slight_smile:

The 1st row is: (RS). K7. *K2tog. yo. K9. Rep from *7 times more. K2tog. yo. K7.

3rd row: K6. *(K2tog. yo) twice. K7. Rep from * 7 times more. (K2tog. yo) twice. K6

5th row: K5. *(K2tog. yo) 3 times. K5. Rep from * 7 times more. (K2tog. yo) 3 times. K5

7th row: K4. *(K2tog. yo) 4 times. K3. Rep from * 7 times more. (K2tog. yo) 4 times. K4

9th row: K3. *(K2tog. yo) 5 times. K1. Rep from * 7 times more. (K2tog. yo) 5 times. K3

The 1st row is: (RS). K7. *K2tog. yo. K9. Rep from *7 times more. K2tog. yo. K7.

It looks to me like the repeat is 11 stitches. That means you would add stitches in multiples of 11.
k2tog uses 2 sts
k9 uses 9 sts

Add as many sets of 11 stitches as you need to make it as wide as you want.

You might wait for someone to let you know if I figured correctly. That’s a rather large number of CO stitches.

Thanks for your response! To be sure I’m understanding you correctly, is your suggestion that I repeat *K2tog. yo. K9 (which is a multiple of 11) until I am at the final 10 stitches & then I would K2tog. yo. K7 & finish the row?

Also, what would I do on the 3rd row?

Would I repeat “*(K2tog. yo) twice. K7.” until I get to the final 12 stitches on that row and then “(K2tog. yo) twice. K6”?

You could cast on 203sts. You would leave the stitch pattern outside the asterisks (the repeat) the same and knit 17 multiples of the repeat.
On row 1 that would mean knitting to the final 9sts and of row 3, knit to the final 10sts. Remember that the yarn over doesn’t use a stitch.

Thank you SO much for your response! I went back to a CO of 104 as the previous suggestion didn’t work, but I also hadn’t realized I was doing the yarn over incorrectly! Thank you, thank you!!

Just wondering…could you please post the name of the afghan pattern you’re using?? It sounds interesting!


you can find it here :slight_smile: