Help please ~ how to increase 8 st on each side

hi! I am new in the forum, I’ve done some begginer knitting

I want to make those little cute sweaters for ornaments or baby gift tags. and I’ve been looking trought the treads, trying to find a clue on how to increase 8 stitches on both sides
(like to make a T shape), but didn’t find anything

I only know how to increase from the front and back loop of a stitch, but is not working, since I need 8 st on each side
could some one help me on this one?

Have you checked out the info here?

Since there are many ways to do so, it depends on the look you want. Also, does your pattern specify an increase?

Could you cast on 8 stitches at the end of the RS row, turn and cast on 8 more at the end of the WS row?

That’s what I was going to suggest.

Me too!

thanks you so much, cast 8 stitches at the end of the RS row, turn and cast on 8 more at the end of the WS row, ok GOT IT
(I know how to cast with the long tail cast method, I’m off to search for casting on the thumb method)

thanks Lady B (that was my first stop)

You might find a knitted on cast on to be just the thing in this instance. At the beginning of the needle knit into the first stitch, but instead of slipping the stitch off the needle, lift it up with the right hand needle and put it back on the left needle. Keep doing that until you have 8 new stitches. Then knit the row and turn and knit on 8 stitches at the beginning of the next row, then purl them or whatever you need to do across.

Here is a link to a video I have used for a Cast On with Work in Progress. I hope this helps, I know the videos are a lot easier for me to understand versus a diagram.

the first attempt didn’t come out like I wanted
the video is amazing
I will try this one

thanks ladyroto & Merigoldin :cheering: