Help please-how do you knit in names?

I am knitting a baby blanket and I want to know how to knit in a name. I have never knitted in words before so I am not sure how to do it. Thanks for your help.

The easiest way would be to use duplicate stitch, I think. I’ve never done it, so hopefully someone who has will reply.

It depends on what you want. Do you want the name real big, for instance all across the bottom or top edge of the blanket (or most of the way)? Do you want it in a contrast color or the same color as the rest? If you want it all across the blanket you could figure out on graph paper (cut it and tape it together so that you have a long piece, and knitters graph paper is best) how to do the letters figuring each square as a stitch. You could work it in a raised stitch, in self color or do stranded knitting if you want another color, or maybe intarsia would be good.

Remember that any stranding you do will make the back not so attractive. Intarsia done neatly would look a little better maybe. The duplicate stitch would also work and may be better than stranding, but still the back will not look super. If you did it with a raised stitch like seed stitch the back would not be affected. They use raised stitches to put initials on fisherman’s knit sweaters. I like the raised stitch idea the best myself. The name would be a little more subtle but placing it, size and the back would be easier to have nice.

You could also use some other embroidery techniques, or even embrodiery the name on a piece of cloth and then sew the cloth onto a corner or something. That wouldn’t necessarily mess up the back if it was done carefully.

I want to do it on the top of the blanket in big letters. I want it to be apart of the pattern. So I think that would mean that intarsia would work best, but I am not exactly sure on how to do that. The seed stitch idea does not sound that bad, but I don’t know how that would work either. Thank you for your help.