Help Please..... bootie pattern for rugby boots

Hi Ya, I used to have a bootie pattern book and ive lent it, an its not been returned :frowning: the pattern I am looking for is the booties that look like little rugby boots. Hoping someone can help so I can knit my 6month old grandson them with a scarf and beanie for the world cup:-)

What a fun idea! I couldn’t find a free pattern but there are these. I’ve knit the converse sneakers booties and maybe you can adapt them for rugby booties?

Would something like this work?

hi there
I too am looking for that pattern. Have you had any luck?

i tto am lookinmg for a knottede rugby boot pattern can you help

The photo for these booties must have been deleted somewhere along the line but the pattern comes after the sweater pattern.
See if those sound like what you want.
There’s also this one:

Thanks for your help. Have found pattern. Shepperd 5044. Has knitted boots and crochet ones plus a jersey.

hi there
still looking for knitted rugby boot pattern. Shepherd 5044 is not the one I am looking for. Laces up more on the top of the bootie Can you help please tks

Hmm, I wonder if you can combine one of these patterns with the cleats for a rugby boot: