Help Perfect Dog Pattern.....Measure Your Dog(s) 4 Me? :o)

I’m having my PupPee diapers (or on my blog) test knitted and crocheted on Ravelry…I’d like to include a size chart of dogs to go by. I assumed EVERYONE would have a dog around to measure when making these, but they don’g! Go figure! :teehee:

So IF you can take the time to measure your dog’s ‘waist’ I need to know (please reply to this thread). Using a flexible tape measure, the tape should naturally fall into the narrowest part, which I call the ‘waist’:

  1. how many inches (measure around the slimmest part of their middle…i.e. their ‘waist’)
  2. how much he/she weighs
  3. what breed/mix
  4. boy or girl?

I would REALLY appreciate it. 100% of proceeds of these patterns help a puppymill rescue which I work with & support financially. All my dogs are small-ish (shih tzu, shih tzu mixes / rescues).

This chart (if I do it) would be more or less please give input if you can think……my brain’s not working today:
[COLOR=“Red”]xs: chihuahuas, tiny yorkies
s: ???
m: shih tzus, lhasas, cocker spaniels
l: dobermans???
xl: german shepherd[/COLOR] (I wish I had these when my G.S. got incontinent around age 12!)

If you’ve purchased the diaper, you’ll be getting updated PDFs once they are re-written via email.

Breed -Coton de Tulear (age 8)
Weight -13 lbs
Waist -13.75 inches

I measured right in front of her hind legs which is her smallest part. Is that the right spot?

Yes, perfect! thanks!

“waist” is 22 1/2" (I didn’t pull the tape too tight)
weight is 62lbs
breed is boxer mix (SPCA special)
girl (although she is spayed and lifts her leg to pee sometimes)

Whatever she is mixed with makes her a little stockier than a pure bred boxer - she has a deep chest, but her waist doesn’t taper too dramatically. I’ve included her picture just cause I can.
If I can get in touch with my family this weekend they have a GSD and a pair of huskies.

Two dogs…

Jack Russel
Hope this helps…
Both are girls…luckily!!!

  1. 30 1/2 inches
  2. 78 pounds
  3. Border Collie (I think she’s mixed with maybe Lab)
  4. 9 year old spayed female

Waist - 17in
Weight - 18lbs
Breed - Shiba Inu
Sex - Female

I would consider her a solid “Small” size.

As you can see she has the proportionate look of a bigger dog (especially of the spitz variety), and her waste is nice and petite :o)

(EDIT - I also have a mini-doxi and a lab/heeler mix… I will ‘try’ to measure them, but they’re both nervous and pee as they were abused rescues… and I don’t really enjoy getting peed on :oP )

Cute idea!

I have 2 adult dogs:

Laika is a Husky/ Chow mix and weighs about 55 lbs. Her waist is 25" if you squoosh down her hair, 26" if you don’t. She’s an “average” weight for her frame.

Kate is a Husky/ Shepherdy/ something mix and weighs about 45 lbs. Her waist is 20". She’s a little thin for her frame.

If we have any Giant breed dogs at work next week I’ll try to remember to take a measurement for you. It seems like you have a good number of other sizes.

Thank you all SO much, this can really help me improve the pattern to be useful and also help a rescue! THANKS!!!

I just made these patterns FREE on Ravelry & my blog (links below), for anyone who’s interested. I want to help dogs & dog owners in this bad economy, and I always donate support the animal rescues anyway.

Please adopt a pet & spay & neuter your animals, euthanasia rates in kill shelters were bad enough at 60% but with the bad economy it’s gone up to 80%!

Thank you all for your help. I am perfecting the pattern, but now I have what probably is the strangest request EVER on KH :teehee: If you have a boy dog, could you POSSIBLY measure his…er…offending appendage? Like the pic below? By my gauge I’m making a formula for the pattern to help people know how many stitches to have at the critical point in the diaper (the middle).

Measurement should be from the tip to between the legs, not all the way to the back. Peanut’s is 4", so his diapers need to be about 5" in order to hold the towel which absorbs the urine.:shock:

Breed: GSD/Siberian Husky
Weight: 55-60lbs(ish)
Waist: approx 21"
Schlong: 7-8"…so much fur it’s hard to tell! LOL

(The rest I should keep to myself… :wink: )

That narrow spot that pulls up right ahead of the rear legs is called their tuck up. A couple of ideas that might help.You might find out quite a lot from books in the library, Like Simon & Schuster’s Guide to Dogs or look online at AKC dog breeds. Just type in med. lg. giant etc.There are several lists because even toys are now divided into tiny toys,teacup sz. etc. You won’t get the measurement you want but you’ll probably find more breeds than you ever wanted to. If you don’t get enough replies try calling a vet’s office and see if they’ll measure some clients for you or let you measure them. A good bet for seeing tons of breeds and a chance to measure them would be a dog show. Good luck! Jean

Jan, Wish you had included a picture. Your breed is one of the newest to this country (about 1970’s) from Madagascar. I know of it but it’s one I’ve never handled and only seen in pics. I guess they weren’t kidding when they named it ‘Coton’ for their cottony white coat. Is it a nightmare when she sheds? Jean

I thought “geez, my dog is well-endowed…no wonder his girlfriend :heart: him.” (he’s neutered, people!)

Thanks for all your great advice & the correct terminology! I’d like to use the correct terminologies…I’m not sure “schlong” is an industry term though. LOL. I just call it “the offending appendage” for laughs on the pattern.

Not to worry. Most dog owners, trainers and handlers, like knitters, have a pretty good sense of humor, unless you happen to beat them in the show ring. One needs it if you’re dealing with some of the heart breaking events that go on with dogs in general. I commend you for your efforts in getting rid of puppy mills. That’ll be a lifetime task! In classes we taught all how to take care of everything from nails and teeth to anal glands and advised on steering clear of pet shops and puppy mills. Always hoped that would spread and work and I think many people are better educated these days.
Terminology : males are Dogs, females are Bitches (people made that a nasty word, not dogs). As to their privates, if I’m not using correct anatomical terms - just like any mammal I call them their “possibles”. I know you were posing your little guy(with that gorgeous dark eye) for a measurement but he reminds me of the dogs who would flip onto their backs in complete submission in class. I’d say, “Look here, we have another worthy entry for the Mr. September centerfold in Dog World magazine!” We learned and had fun! Jean


My dear, I think you’d better start a new thread. You are too much, and now my County Hysterical Society may even revoke my new membership. Please start another thread and quit already with the black out you’re killing me!!! and I could still identify your dog in a lineup. . . AND, I didn’t caption your picture. Fits right into one of my mantras - “I didn’t do it!!” I think another might be needed - No matter what - I shall tend to my own knittin’. However, thanks for the best laugh I’ve had all week. I needed that. Jean