Help! Pattern search!

I know I’ve seen a pattern for a hat resembling Elmo but after a fruitless day I canNOT find one :frowning: Anyone have any idea what I’m on about? Or should I just use the frog one I found and substitute red yarn for the green?

Here is a CROCHET VERSION of an elmo hat…I would bet you could do this with any old knit hat pattern in bright red, then attach an orange knit flower (or stuffed ball) nose, I know there are patterns on KH for BOTH of those things somewhere…

I know in my local Michaels I’ve seen a booklet of Sesame Street Patterns.
Do a Google search. There may even be free patterns out there.

Thanks, don’t do crochet. But I thought I’d seen a knit Elmo hat somewhere online, meh probably one that was since taken down. I might just do this frog hat in red.

ETA: thought I’d share the finished projects. I was in a hurry so I only got pictures with the ikky webcam and not any good digicams.