Help ... Pattern Question

I am trying to finish a baby blanket that my Mom started before she passed away and it has been a few years since I have knitted. In looking of the pattern that she was using there are 153 cast on stitches and the pattern is knit four (established edging), knit 4, (1 p, 7 k) repeat to last eight stitches, knit 4, knit 4 established edging). My question is if you continue the pattern in parenthesis you have nine stitches at the end - does it matter if you that you don’t end on kitting seven and have to pearl 1 then knit the last 8 stitches?

It may well be a mistake in the pattern. The purl stitch before the k8 seems like a better way to work the row. That way you mirror the beginning of the row, k8, p1.
Otherwise the row ends with plain k15 or 16.

It should work. If you notice, the beginning of the row starts with a K4, then goes into the purl/knit 7, so it’ll be balanced.