Help Our troops!

Our troops are asking for help from all knitters and crocheters even if you only make one hat. Today, Soldiers stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo are exposed to winds and bitter cold during the winter months. Riding in open trucks and humvees, they often encounter sub-zero wind chills. The military head gear issued to the soldiers today is made of synthetic material which is not as warm as wool. Volunteer knitters are needed to make these wool caps for our Soldiers. Come on everyone lets make a difference :heart: Knitters unite and help out our troops :grphug: We would want others to help out if it was for someone close to our heart in a different country fighting for us!
Here is a link:

That’s really cool! I downloaded the pattern and I’m looking it over, but I have one question (right now. I’ll have a lot more questions later, just you wait)

Kay, I don’t understand this part of the pattern:
To make hat portion: With larger circular needle, knit 32 stitches off smaller needle. Leave smaller circular needle in rest of the stitches, cast on 59 additional stitches, place marker to mark beginning of round, join in round, K even for 4” [ed. “K even” means to knit every stitch in every row].

ummmmm… am I missing something… :?? [/i]

you just knit 32 sts off of small needle onto large needle then just let small needle hang there while you knit on large needle. then cast on a additional 59 sts on large needle and place marker and knit away.the small needle you will pick up later and knit. You knit this hat in different stages.the small needle is for the ribbing around face and neck the big needle is for hat part.
Hope this helps

Thanks for posting this. I’ve got some 220 and I was wondering what I was going to do with it, now I know.

Nadja xxx