HELP! Opinions needed!


I have finished TWO sets of the three eyepillow/facecloth pressies I’m making for my DH’s cousins.

This is the first face cloth…

This is the second…

Now, I’m having issues choosing a third.

This is one I’m thinking about…

Or there’s this one…

Or should I do another round one?

Please help?

I like the first one that you linked. The first dishcloth you made that you linked to isn’t working.

You have some lucky family members! :smiley:

It’s a toss up…I don’t know if I like Trellis Lace or horseshoes better…I LOVE both of these…I think you should go with one of these, altho I like the round, too…but I really love these…I think maybe trellis lace is my fave.
Lucky gift recipients :cheering: :cheering:

LOVE the trellis lace! AND the round ones…I think they are really differnt and look FANCY SCHMANCY!

Trellis Lace it is…

Thanks gals!