HELP! ... opinion

HELP! so i started a loop stitch teddy bear for my friend whose leaving for college in 5 days. Its going to stand at a foot tall and 6 inches wide. I thought i would have enough yarn but lets just say loop stitches take so much more yarn then what you think! Well, when im done the head i wont heave enough for arms, legs, or ears. Can you imagine?! Do you think I should use my other homespuns and make it multi-colored like it was purposely like that? (I.e. make one arm greyish brown and make the other like dark blue, ect) what do you think? What i made the body and head was a homespun mix of brown, blues, and purple what it looks like. I can’t get the color agan!! :pout:

I think a multi-colored bear would look cool!! I say go for it!

Im thinking of just doing that and instead of stitched eyes, im going to do button eyes. :think: the bear will look cute whatever i do since its all fuzzy and cute. plus its going to have a nice red teddy bear scarf and bow to match her colleges colors.

I’d actually like a multi-colored teddy more than a one colored one…

neat and perfect teddy
messy not-so-perfect PRETTY teddy…

messy one wins easily!!

and I’d go with the stitched eyes…to make it even less perfect!!

Different colors for sure! I think that would be so cool! I might have to do it myself…