HELP! one question bout this pattern

I am trying to do this basic hat. But I am not sure what this means??? Please help??? The red is what I don’t understand! What is this * ??
Thanks in advance!!!

Top decrease - [color=red]Work * knit 2 together * across row, repeating between 's across.[/color]( 36 sts )
Knit across next row.
Last row - [color=red]
K 1, K next 2 sts together *, repeating between *'s across row. ( 24 sts).[/color]
Cut yarn, leaving about 25 inch length. Thread sewing needle with the end of this length, and draw through remaining sts. Pull to close top of hat, then fasten on inside of hat.

Sew down back seam , leaving last 2 ½ inches unsewn. Turn up cuff of hat, then sew seam on inside of this remaining 2 ½ inches. This way, you will not see the seam of the cuff, the seam will be on the inside of cuff, when cuff is turned upwards. Fasten off.


it is telling you to repeat the instruction between the *s until you are at the end of the row.

That means, instead of knitting ONE stitch, you knit TWO of them together by putting your needle throughtwo stitches at once and knitting the regular way… do that all the way around.

Then, knit 1 round the regular way

Then knit 1 stitch and kniot thenext 2 stitches together… and REPEAT that sequence (knit one, knit the next 2 together) all the way around.

Thanks so much!!! I am new and still learning how to read patterns. DUH for me lol.

No, not duh. Just a newbie. :smiley: This is a great place to ask your questions. Keep on knittin’!!! :XX: samm