Help! on yarn substitution

I’m planning a skirt project. The pattern called for Germantown yarn, which after some searching around I figured it may be a light worsted/ worsted yarn. But I want to use this DK yarn (la mia just wool), the only 100% wool yarn at an affordable price. If I use this yarn and a bigger needle size than suggested, should I be able to create it with the original pattern? I’ve only done this with lighter weight yarn so I’m not sure how it’s gonna be for heavier weight yarns. I’m including the pattern.

Germantown does seem to be a worsted weight. On larger needles with the DK yarn the knit fabric is going to be lighter and lacier. You’ll have to see if you want that for this skirt.
The best way to tell is to knit a good sized swatch (~30 stitches cast on). Measure over the middle four inches. Once you know gauge you’ll have a better idea of the size of the finished garment and the feel of the knit fabric.

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