Help on wyif

I am working on a pattern which says. K1, sl p1 wyif, k1…

When I do this, it actually increases the stitches on the needle, everytime I do this, is it correct, am I doing correct.

If I am doing rite, there are no steps where stitches are reduced or so, so if this is repeated, the stitches will keep increasing. I feel there is a mistake…pl suggest.


It sounds as though you may be doing a yarnover (a simple increase) when you move the yarn from back to front in preparation for doing a purl (or from front to back to do a knit stitch). That would explain why you are getting more stitches on every row.

Simple solution: When you switch from knit to purl or vice versa, just move the yarn into position BETWEEN the needles; don’t bring it OVER the right needle.

sl p1 wyif to me sounds like you are not actually supposed to purl that stitch. You are to slip the stitch purlwise (so, as though you were to purl it but don’t actually purl it, just move it from the left needle to the right) with the yarn in front. Then you’ll move the yarn back between the needles again and do the K1 and so on.

And the previous poster is correct, make sure you are just moving the yarn in between the needles and not over the needles, which creates extra loops.

I am amazed with the quick response. I shall try this and write my findsing back to you.
Looks like what I shud do is bring the yarn to front, sl purl, then take it back and then knit.

I need to undo some 8-9 rows, I shall correct it now.

Thanks so much… :cheering: