Help on scarf project


I have a problem that I don’t know how to solve. I’m making a scarf for a present that changes color every 6 inches. Everything looks awesome for the first foot but now that I’ve changed the color again you can see small little holes in it and it feels looser?

I have not dropped any stitches or decreased my tension, so I’m not sure what to do.

Should I start the color over before I get too deep or keep going?

Any help is appreciated. I’m a beginner knitter so, yeah.

Welcome to KH!
Are you following a pattern for the scarf and can you tell us the name or give us a link? Is this scarf in garter stitch (all rows of knit stitch)? I wonder if you’re using the same weight of yarn for each color or if your second color is perhaps a thinner yarn?

It’s not a pattern per say, it’s like you think how wide you want your scarf and how long. It is a garter stitch (it’s all I know how to do really).

I got the yarn from this knitting store, it’s baby alpaca yarn and both are same weight and they look same thickness.

Well that is a bit of a puzzle. I know that you need to mark the right side of the scarf so that you always change colors on the same side but I don’t know why you would get little holes. I’d continue on and see if the knitting closes up as you work more rows.
The alpaca yarn sounds terrific…

Yeah it’s a mystery to me. I have started them all on the same side and I’ve been careful to check to make sure I haven’t dropped or added a stitch. Now I went back over it while I was waiting for a reply and it seems this switch time was a little different so I’m not sure if that makes a difference.

Like it was tighter and it didn’t finish the row off with blue but black.

Does this make sense?

Can you post a photo?

The first picture is of the problem that I was referring to with the changes of colors.

The second is of what it looks like when I first transitioned from one color to another.

The third picture is of the “holes” I’m talking about.

The rest of the scarf isn’t as hole-y?

Stupid question: Have you accidently picked up bigger needles?

No bigger needle and the rest of the scarf isn’t as hole-y or anything. It actually looks awesome.

This is why I was wondering if I should start this section over, if possible.

If it bothers you, then re-do it. If you don’t, every time you look at it you’ll only see the holes!

I’m still wondering what caused it though. I’d make a little swatch though with the brown yarn to see if it’s still a problem and try to adjust your tension.

Good luck!

How do I go about redoing the section, it’s something I’ve never done before.

You would take the sts off the needle, rip back to one row before the problem started (maybe, in your case, to the start of the new color), and then place the sts back on the needle one at a time, as you take out the last row.
Similar to this although you won’t have sts on the right hand needle.