Help on needle sizes!

Ok. I have this pattern that calls for size 8 dpns. Problem: dont have money to get them. the largest I have are size 5 dpns. Could I knit with them instead? the pattern is for armwarmers, and it also calls for Aran weight yarn. Can anyone help me?!?!? your help is most greatly appreciated! Thanx sooooo much! :muah: [/b]

There is quite a difference between size 5 and size 8. You would have to use a yarn that you could get the same gauge as called for in the pattern, and that might require a yarn a bit too bulky for a size 5 needle and would result in a fabric that’s too tight and stiff.

You could use magic loop knitting if you happen to have one looooong size 8 circular needle, or you could do knitting in the round on 2 circs if you have two size 8 circs of any size. Instructions for those methods can be found here: under ‘Small Diameter Circular Knitting’

So, basically, I just need to get some size 8 dpns. Thanx!

Here’s another vote for Magic Loop and/or 2 circs. A Knitpicks Options needle tip and cable set combo will give you much greater flexibility than a single set of DPNs. The cost for a size 8 would be $8.98 plus shipping and a cable set ranges from 24" to 60" and contains 2 cables and 4 end buttons. An extra tip set (for 2 circ knitting) would be another $4.99.

But, I totally understand if you prefer the DPNs. Just getting a little more info out there! :slight_smile:

Thanx. I have watched the vids of 2 circs/magic loop on here and they seem a bit hard. Besides, I dont have any of the right size circulars. I will have to try these other methods some day! Thanx!!