Help on final part of a Hat

Hi all, basically i’ve been teaching myself to knit just doing small projects to start with, i’m currently working on a babies hat. Well the last part of the pattern says
"Break off yarn, run yarn through rem sts, draw up and fasten off."

What does this mean??? id it different to normal casting off???



It is different, yes.

You don’t cast off at all.

You cut the yarn, leaving a long tail. Then you run the yarn through the stitches that are still on your needle.

Then take the needle out and pull the yarn so that the top of the hat closes together, like a drawstring bag.

Thank you, can you explain how to tie it off so as it doesn’t come loose.


Take the tail that is left to the inside of the hat. Flip the hat insideout and weave the end thru the back loops of 4-5 stiches. Then I usually take it 4-5 stiches into a different direction. Cut it off leaving about 1/2 inch. It won’t come undone.