Help on "ending with rs facing"!

I am sure this has been asks a bunch of times, but none of the explanations are clicking with me.

I am making anouk from knitty, and it says “ending with rs facing” Does that mean the last row I knit up, but I work on that row. Or will be the right side facing me or as I turn it over to knit the next row, the right side should then be facing me, and then I move on with the instructions?? Did that make sense?? :thinking:

Basically, the two rows I am alternating from is purl and then knit stich. So, I assumed the last row to end with the rs facing me would be the purl row, since as soon as I finish that row and turn my work over to work on the next set of intructions, my work will be facing me on the right side?


I would think that “end with rs facing” means that you would start the next section of instructions on the right side. In other words, your last row on this current sequence would be a wrong side row. I could be wrong though so I hope someone else can clarify.

what knitqueen said. “rs” is right side. So the right side should be facing you as you finish the row


Thanks for the responses. That’s what I ended up doing, so I finished up knitting my last row looking at the wrong side, so when I flipped it over to start the next row and next set of instructions after “ending with RS facing” it was right side facing. I guess I was unsure, because I just knitted the next row, and so now I am back to facing the wrong side and have to “knit” a row, where normally I would do purl. Maybe I am thinking too hard and it will turn out fine??? :??