HELP on Decreasing

Okay, so i didn’t REALLY think it all through before i started this hat… :doh: I cast on 110 stitches which is fine cause it’s divisible by 10…but not by 4 now i’m at the decreasing stage and can’t get it to work out!! :?? I don’t know what to do now?? Please Help!!

Thanks! :heart:

Is it ribbed?

Sorry Ingrid, i’m so silly, i freaked out when i thought it wouldn’t work, but i was doing the math wrong! :doh: The numbers all work out! The only thing i need to figure out now is what do do with the stitches i’ll end up with cuz after doing K2tog, k1 etc…i’ll have 22 stitches. Should I then k2tog every one, so i’ll end up with less stitches to finish or not?

If you reduce the 22 to 11, then you’ll probably be able to pull the yarn through the remaining stitches and tighten them up for the top.

Ahhh…I love knitting hats :heart: Maybe bc I love wearing hats…best inventions in the world for my bad hair days :thumbsup: