Help on a pattern

I’m knitting the Lace Chevron columns throw by Premier - I’m stuck on the first row of the pattern. I get near the end of the row where the patterns says to following the instructions below for the last 22 stitches -

ssk, yo, k5, yo, k1, yo, k5, yo, {K2tog} twice, k4.

simple, right? I keep ending up with an extra stitch. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help - Patty

I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong.
Either the row should end up with another stitch (is a stitch count given for this row?) Or else the pattern is incorrect if you are sure this section is supposed to start with 22 and end with 22.

There are 3 decreases, there are 4 increases.

Some patters are expected to increase on certain rows. Have you read all the additional information given? I had a pattern once which said only count stitches on certain rows and not on others, this info was in the notes.

Otherwise, perhaps check for errata for this pattern?

Thank you for responding. The entire stitch count for the row is 134. I have counted to make sure that I have 134 stitches.

I looked up the pattern on the Premier yarn website and found that the pattern I was sent is different than the one on their website. The website pattern shows work to the last 21 stitches and use the pattern that I mentioned earlier. It also shows cast on 135 and not 134. YIKES - starting over. Good thing I was just on the first row. Thanks again.


Oh I’m glad you’ve managed to find a corrected pattern whilst you’re at the beginning. At least it’s only 1 row.

Enjoy working the pattern.

Is this it?

Yes, it works. I thought the count was wrong so worked it out below.

to last 21 sts,
ssk, - 2 st
yo, k5, yo, - 5 sts
k1, - 1 st
yo, k5, yo, - 5 sts
[k2tog] twice, - 4 sts
k4 - 4 sts

If it helps at all after a few years of knitting these ‘simple’ patterns still are hard for me.

Yes that is the pattern. I compared the copy I received to the online one and found it was different. I’m so glad it wasn’t just me doing something wrong. lol

thanks for responding.

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