Help no knowledge of knitting machines

Firstly can I just say I know nothing about knitting, but me and my wife showed great interest when my mum was alive. My mum died almost 2years ago and she gave me all her knitting machines. I don’t know how they go together but am hoping to sell them and could do with more info about them really. I have no idea about there worth but would like to put the money to a first home for me and my wife. A friend of hers who was a knitter boxed everything and sorted it all. But I haven’t got her number to ask her about them. All I know is there are 3 knitting machines a rubber and a linking machine. I think the knitting machines are empisal knitmasters, there is a brother make too but not sure if that’s a ribber or knitting machine or what. There are several boxes of bits that go with the machines. I’m guessing they must be worth something. But i don’t know where to begin or where best to sell. If anyone can help and give me some info I would be most grateful. Many thanks. I have many more photos but can’t upload more than 5.
Please Help.
Thanks !

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We do have some machine knitters on the forum but we’re mainly hand knitters here. Be patient and you may still receive a reply.