HELP! New to knitting

I am brand spankin’ new to knitting–I just went out and bought some supplies yesterday and of course I had no idea what I was doing. I am wanting to do a scarf, and I really liked the one on this website under the free patterns link–I liked the one named “FIZZ in neon green and black”.

Now, my question is once I do the first 4 inches of black, how do I switch over to the green color? Please be very specific, again, I am brand new to this and none of these terms really make sense–and the simplest things I probably don’t know! Thanks a bunch!


When you come to the end of your last black row, cut the yarn leaving about 5-6 inches to weave in later. Then, pick up your green yarn leaving about 5-6 inches of ends to weave in later and begin knitting with the green. You may find that tying a loose knot with the black and green ends helpful. You’ll also want to hold the end of the green that you are leaving tightly until you get the first few green stitches started so that the end of the yarn doesn’t pull through when you are making the new stitches. This is probably more specific that you needed and might even confuse you a bit if you read too much in to it! Basically when you get to the last row of black, just switch to green and pretend you haven’t done anything different :thumbsup:

Should I tie the end of the black to the beginning of the green? Or do I leave them separate?

You really just want them secure so that when you being knitting with the green it doesn’t pull all the way through. You can just hold the end of the green taut until you get going…if you tied the black and green end to end, part of the black would pull through where the green should be…

Amy’s duplicate stitch video shows it better than I can explain…it’s toward the bottom: