Help needed

Not sure if I’m posting this in the correct spot or not, so here goes…

My son is a ginormous drum corps fan (as am I), and our favorite corps is the Concord Blue Devils.

He’s asked me to knit him a scarf for winter – and why he needs one living in southern CA is beyone me, but okay.

I’d love to knit him up a quick scarf using the corps’ colors (electric blue, black, and white):

And I’d like to do it in animal fiber, but not itchy . Does anybody know of a site that sells yarns in these colors?

I’ll be doing this scarf edged in white, with alternating blue & black stripes, lengthwise.

Thanks for your help!

Everyone’s version of itchy varies … my hubby loves Lamb’s Pride and Cascade 220 scarves and hats. I don’t buy a lot of yarn on line, but that will give you some brands to look at. I find Merino/silk blends or alpaca/silk blends to be a little softer and yummy feeling, but again, I buy locally so I guess I’m not that much help.

best of luck has a lot of different choices and some of them come in a ton of colors. I checked out a few and saw those colors there.

Also, Patons Merino Wool has those colors, they have black and white, and have a couple different shades of blue. They have it at for a pretty good price.

Hope that helps

If you are terrible worried about itchy, try plant fibre instead of animal. Cottons and even bamboo yarns come in many yummy colors and feel very silky against the skin. What you give up in stretch you may gain in vibrance.

And since you expressed a concern about the scarf being too warm, a plant fiber maybe a very good alternative.

Thank you, all! I’ll check out all the things you’ve suggested.

I probably shouldn’t worry too much because since it’ll be handmade by me, he’ll love it. :heart: