Help needed!

If anyone has worked on the GottaHaveFadeVest by SPEKTAKELSTRIK. DK I would really appreciate some help

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You can quote a couple of rows of the pattern that are causing the problem if you’d like. Don’t post a large portion of the pattern please due to designer copyright.

Looks like Brioche to me with color changes on the front side. Nancy Marchand has a great website about Brioche. If you’ve never done it before, I recommend practicing a bit before you start on your precious new yarn. It isn’t hard but you have to have some practice visualizing it, IMO. To spot errors, get the hang of the row sequences etc.

Thank you so much to those that have responded.
I have no problem with doing the brioche, thanks to YouTube! In fact I have successfully completed the first 3 sections of my GottaHaveFadeVest, however I am struggling with the start of Section 4.

That reads:-

P 1 row, K 1 row with 2 strands of the colour D held together on needle size 3mm. Do not fasten off the colour A.

On the right side row decrease 2stitches by knit until there are 5 stitches left on the needle, k2tog, k2tog, k1 ( my translation is to knit to last 5 stitches then knit 2together twice then knit 1)

So far so good.

Change to needle size 7mm and the colour A + 2 strands of the colour D held together.

Repeat the 1st and 2nd rows of brioche 6 times

This is where it goes wrong

The brioche just goes into a loopy mess no matter what permutations I try.

If anyone can help I’d be really grateful :slight_smile:

Are you looking at the columns of knits in the previous rows to make sure that the sts line up with the earlier sections of brioche? The decreases might shift the way the rows begin although the double decrease should avoid that.

Maybe you could post a photo of your knitting? Use the landscape icon in the center of the upper panel in the Reply box.

Ok, the first picture shows the 2 rows on 3mm needles, the first row purl, the 2nd plain with decreases.

As you rightly say, the double decrease should line the pattern up, but as is clearly shown on the next picture it all goes sadly wrong.

This happens even if I try changing the row, I’ve tried various permutations.

I’m obviously missing something vital here!!

Maybe fresh eyes can see it.

( the additional stitches at the end form the armholes and will be turned over )

Try working a few more rows. It looks fine to me, all lined up correctly. Brioche takes several rows to fall into place.
The knitting looks beautiful.

I see two divergences from the pictured pattern. I think I like yours just as well.

  1. I could be wrong, old bespectacled eyes here - but You seem to be doing one color brioche instead of 2 color brioche. What I see on the pattern is a gray back color throughout & only the foreground color is striped.

  2. That seems like a very odd place for a V neck decrease. Normally it would be near the edge (or maybe a 2-3 stitch “fashion” decrease.)?

I do not see anyplace on the original vest or your sample that might represent an increase in needle size. (Did it call for 3mm then jumping all the way up to 7mm?) Thats a very large increase. I dont know.

At any rate your work is very nice and I would not change anything if it were me. I always claim designer’s privilege!

Please post more photos when you are done.

Caution. Brioche knitting is addictive. I spent about 3 years doing only brioche. Finally everyone I knew had one of these scrunchie plump hats, scarves and even socks & slippers. Finally I decided to go back to regular knitting. But there is something special about the plushy feel of brioche!

You were right!!!

It’s all coming together nicely now. I think I just went into panic mode, it looked such a jumble to me.

Thanks for your encouragement.

I’ll post a picture when it’s all finished!

Jackie :blush:

Thank you for taking the time to answer my plea!

I’m happy to say it’s coming together nicely now.

The reason for the difference in needles is that each section is held together with 2 rows using 2 strands of 1ply mohair/silk on3mm needles then brioche on 7mm needles using a 100% wool plus the 2 strands, ingenious eh!!!

Despite the panics I have had, and the difficulties getting advice, first of all having to learn how to join in the rows when on circular needles and then this latest hiccup, I take your warning!

I will definitely come back to brioche, in fact, I over ordered the wool somehow ( these old bespectacled eyes!). That means I will have plenty to do more of the same vest. Fortunately I have 3 daughters and 2 granddaughters with not a lot between them in size!

Once again, thank you

Jackie :blush:

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